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Big Oil and Forex – How Did the Oil Industry Get Where it is Today?

In our world today, especially if you live in the United States, oil is a very large part of our lives. And I am not just talking about the gas that you put in your car, but also the oil that heats your home, the plastic that goes into your water bottles and credit cards, and even the cleaning agent […]

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Are Energy Companies and Brand Marketing Strategy Like Oil and Water?

Every so often, an oil company experiences an environmental catastrophe of disastrous proportions. As evidenced by the recent Gulf oil spill, the Exxon Valdez oil spill and countless other eco-disasters, these occurrences are a tragic occupational hazard of the energy industry. In theory, they should not be a surprise — anymore than an earthquake in California would be a shocker. […]

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Accounts Receivable Financing for Oil and Gas Vendors

What do Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Wyoming and North Dakota have in common? They were all recently cited as six of the top 10 fastest growing states in the country and all of them can name domestic oil and/or natural gas production as a component of their success. These states join Alaska and California in fueling our country. “Increased […]

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Oil And Gas Fracking Poisons The Air We Breathe

”Shortly after operations began, we started to experience extreme headaches, runny noses, sore/scratchy throats, muscle aches and a constant feeling of fatigue. Both of our children are experiencing nose bleeds and I’ve had dizziness, vomiting and vertigo to the point that I couldn’t stand and was taken to an emergency room. Our daughter has commented that she feels as though […]

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This Is Fracking Unfortunate – Earthquakes Potentially Caused By Oil and Gas Hydraulic Fracturing

Over the last decade or so, our think tank has often discussed the issue of man-made Earthquakes. We’ve talked about use of tremors as a “force multiplier” for national defense, and the way in which we go after our resources in the ground is causing a few minor Earthquakes here and there. Interestingly enough, this has been in the news […]

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39 Great Oil and Gas Songs That Help Pump Your Employees Up Before Work

Despite the size and influence oil and gas has all over the world, it has virtually no presence in the music world, and there have been limited number of collections of good oil and gas songs that oil field workers can rely on to pump themselves up before work, celebrate their lives, and enjoy at the company’s events. This drives me to […]

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